Enthentica's Products and Services

Comprehensive cyber security solution for embedded systems and connected IOT devices. Every connected - edge device needs a secure "Biometric Identifier (key)" to insure the highest level of security:

 - Enthentica - FPGA PUF IP

Can be implemented on a open area on a functional unit , Xilinx ready and portable to other manufacturers products. Installation at manufacturing origin, application design or updates in the field. Specialized implementations for DoD, Aerospace, ICS and critical infrastructure.

 - Enthentica eHSM

Hardware Security Module - Biometric + Crypto Engine (custom).

 - Enthentica Device Management

Comprehensive security management for fielded devices - supports enrollment, provisioning, biometric identity updates, authentication, authorizations, firmware updates and decommissioning.

 - Enthentica - ASIC PUF IP

For manufacturers ofmicroprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors or any ASIC design. Small footprint - low overhead - 15,000 gates. Fast boot ~10 ms

Biometric Device Identity (BDI)

Enthentica's PUF IP (physical unclonable function) utilizes the unique physical and electrical variations in the silicon properties of a specific chip (FPGAs, ASICs, microprocessors and microcontrollers) to create the Biometric Device Identifier. The “BDI” provides a secure alternative to manufacturer installed default passwords and device keys stored in embedded Non-Volatile Memory (eNVM). Vulnerability to new attacks including power analysis and machine learning can compromise “NVM stored keys."

Enthentica PUF's key features

  • Virtually "unlimited" number of unique keys (strong PUF)
  • Reproducible key if needed
  • No on-device key storage in NVM - key disappears after boot
  • Secure boot supplements stored keys for enhanced security
  • Supply chain traceability - anti-tamper

Secret key(s) generated using the Enthentica PUF integrated in an IC serves as a unique Biometric Identifier similar to the fingerprint of a human being.