Session Encryption Key

For applications that need to generate completely unique secret keys for every session of encryption. Major focus include symmetric encryption and decryption of data transferred over the network.

Target Applications

  • Encryption and Decryption of data transmitted over the network between server and client.
  • For applications that do not want to send shared secret over the network.
  • Symmetric encryption algorithms that need true random key generation engine.

Uniqueness of Enthentica Solution :HELP KG

  • Shared Secret Keys are never transmitted over the network.
  • Enrollment of token responses in server prior to public use, eliminates the need to share secret keys over network.
  • Unique cryptographic quality keys generated from Silicon DNA ( manufacturing variations), no other chip can reproduce
  • Generated keys meets NIST standards on reliability, randomness and uniqueness. 
  • Performance characterization proved for temperature range -40 C to 100 C with +-5 % variation in voltage Vint.