The Enthentica HELP PUF KG can be implemented on an FPGA during manufacturing of the processor or in real time at any stage of project development, OEM design and manufacturing or as a field firmware update.


  • Original FPGA manufacturers- Supply Chain Integrity
  • Sensors, controllers and M2M connectivity

Aerospace & Defense

  • Transportation:
    • Air
    • Land
    • Ocean borne


Critical Infrastructure

  • Power Generation/Transmission and Distribution
  • Municipal Utilities and EMS Services
    • Water/sewer
    • Fire
    • Law enforcement
  • Communications 


  • Automotive – driver information and assistance systems, entertainment
  • Manufacturing automation ICS (SCADA Environments)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data Centers and Communications


  • Home Automation
  • Financial and Banking
  • Personals and Wearables
  • Medical and Healthcare


Each of these represent just a few of the areas where device-to-device inter-connectivity
and dependency on Trust and Authentication are essential.