Privacy-Preserving Secure Authentication Protocol

What better way to authenticate a chip than based on its DNA? Get our strong authentication protocol based on PUF : HELP KG to identify and authenticate your devices with the server. 

Target applications

  • Asset Tracking in Supply Chain facility.
  • Applications that require mutual authentication between client and server before data transfer.
  • Feature Activation over the network in remote embedded systems.
  • Secure firmware update over the network .
  • Light-Weight Identification requirement for less-security-concern platforms.
  • RFID tags and readers for quick secure authentication.

Uniquenss of Enthentica Solution : HELP KG

  • The authentication protocol leverages the unique bitstrings extracted from Silicon DNA (manufacturing variations).
  • Strong authentication protocol do not tolerate even one bit flip.
  • Protocol preserves the privacy/identity of the client ,hence intruder in network do not get any information of the client.
  • Does not require any cryptographic primitive or algorithms like Hashing.
  • Performance characterization proved for temperature range -40 C to 100 C with +-5 % variation in voltage Vint.